Stephen Colbert Interviews Car Talk’s Ira Glass

Tonight, Ira Glass and his This American Life cohort will be putting on a special live show at NYU’s Skirball Center, which will be simulcast to 400 movie theaters around the country. They did a similar event last year. Borat says, success! Check your local listings, or whatever. But in the run-up to tonight’s event, Ira made an appearance on last night’s Colbert Report, and it provided a powerful and necessary reminder:

NPR jokes are the best jokes.

Seriously, there is nothing funnier than putting kombucha sipping fundraiser tote bag carrying liberals who cut out pictures of Toyota Priuses for their “dream file” in their ergonomic, macrobiotic, carbon footprintless place. Especially if you are one, because then you get all of the references.

Sorry, I meant PRI jokes are the best. My bad*.

*Note to NPR listeners, “my bad” is a youthful colloquialism that means “I acknowledge the mistake I have made.”