Someone Should Make A Documentary About Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson talking about the Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal (FINALLY!), you guys:

Well played, Mr. Tyson. This is the single most effective marketing tool for the upcoming movie about your life that you-slash-the VP of Northeastern Distribution could ask for. I didn’t understand half the words that you said, but I knew that they were insane. Leave them wanting more! I’m pretty sure the ultimate message is that the society we live in forces people to think they are being cool when a mind-invading girl breaks up with them, but with the downside that you can’t just kill the girl no matter how much you might want to because passion? Did I get that right? Admittedly, I am just a baby. I am just a little baby!

Mike Tyson could incomprehensibly explain his opinion on the phone book and I would watch.