Patton Oswalt’s New Baby Vs Crank 2: High Voltage

Noted Jason Statham fan and the best comedian Patton Oswalt wrote a funny and touching blog post last night, explaining why he wasn’t part of the Crank 2: High Voltage comedian twitter party last Thursday. He was having a baby girl named Alice. After making fun of Friendster and speculating that the cause of a recent bout of childbearing among his friends was due to the Terminator footage that was released last summer, he gets to the important point: why he didn’t see the first screening of Crank 2 along with all the other nerds enthusiasts:

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday. I won’t go into the minute-by-minute details of the stay, except to say that, at midnight on Thursday, I was following the Twitter feeds of Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, Eric Appell, Steve Agee and Scott Aukerman while they watched the midnight screening of CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE and I lay on an army cot in my wife’s hospital room. Alice was sleeping in her crib and having the cloud-flavored dreams that babies have while I read my friends’ text-bursts about exit wounds, groin trauma and Corey Haim.

And then Dave Grohl, whose daughter was born the day after Patton’s and who was staying in the next room, gives Patton some advice about being a new father. It’s basically the best blog post ever. If you like Patton, you’ll love it. (Congratulations to Patton on the kid!)