Rachel Bilson Is A Journalist! Sort Of!

Rachel Bilson got a job! Kind of! She’s going to write a monthly fashion column for InStyle magazine, and they’re even giving her the title of Fashion Editor. (Condolences, of course, to all of the actual fashion editors out there whose hard-earned professional title just plummeted in respectability.) Are you paying attention, Pulitzer committee? Needless to say, Summer is totes excited:

“I am not planning on quitting my day job to be a full-time fashion editor, although I am really enjoying it and it intrigues me very much,” Rachel tells WWD. “I’m actually flattered more than anything that people want to ask me questions about style. I am honored to do it.”

She adds, “I can talk about fashion all day long, and I am an avid InStyle reader so the relationship seemed perfect! This column is the best homework assignment ever!”

Wait, what’s her day job? Getting photographed on her way out of Starbucks with Hayden Christensen’s chai? Half-caff ventZING latte. Just kidding, I know we’re all Hugh Jackmaning our pants in anticipation of Jumper 2: Jumpgement Day. She does seem a little confused about how writing works, though. It’s not really the same thing as talking all day long. Any weirdo can talk all day long. And if I was a Fashion Editor I would be a little insulted by having my work referred to as “the best homework assignment ever.” Not to mention the fact that in an economic climate where a lot of people are having trouble finding and/or holding down one job, it seems ridiculous to give the Bils extras. Who does she think she is, Shannen Doherty?

Anyway, good luck at your new job, Rachel Bilson. Write down the bones. I’m going to send you lots of questions! Like, “what is the proper attire for apologizing for The Last Kiss?” (Via JustJared.)