The Mary Lynn Rajskub “24 Going Green” Commercial: What Went Wrong?

There HAS to be a reasonable explanation for this for Mary Lynn Rajskub fans. There just has to be:

Ahhh! What happened? Here are some theories.

1. My Theory: Terrible Writing/Producing/Directing Forced Upon Mary Lynn By FOX:

Obviously this is a terribly written promo for many reasons, but chief among them is the character: it seems clear that Mary Lynn is supposed to be her dorky, socially awkward Chloe character, yet she refers to 24. I don’t regularly watch 24, so maybe this season they’ve jumped some sort of meta-shark where they are all aware that they’re on a TV show called 24, but probably not. Could any of us, if asked to say these words, do it seamlessly?

2. My Friend Andrew’s Theory: Who Cares, It’s Funny:

“What do you mean, this is awesome! I also kept waiting for her line about how Jack Bauer can’t waterboard global warming to death on his own. Actually, I bet this was taken during her lunch break at 24 or in one take at the end of a shoot day.”

Either way, this promo should never have been put up, and I don’t know of any theory that could explain why she LOOKS AWAY FROM THE CAMERA near the end. Stupid FOX, first that news channel, now this.