The Post Slumdog Millionaire World Is On A Race To The Worst

More terrible news for the children of Slumdog Millionaire, of course.


Well, this is what happens when you exploit people for “art” and, more importantly, “profit.” It turns families against each other and ruins communities. But wasn’t that Bollywood number at the end magical?!

As much as I did not like Slumdog Millionaire and thought that it was a glorified afterschool special that used abject poverty as a colorful-but-meaningless backdrop, it’s the aftermath of India’s Crash that is the real bummer. Duh. That movie should apologize for what it’s done. And i mean a real apology, not a Bonus Feature on a Special Edition DVD apology.

You know who else should apologize, though? This fucking newscaster. We’re being shown horrible images of women fighting in the streets over the future of a child whose father is rumored to have tried to sell her on the black market (although I doubt that), and this guy can’t even pronounce his g’s? Show some respect! “Slappin’ and chokin’ and clawin’ at each other.” GOLLY. I know that FOX News is jus’ folks, but Jes’ Christ.

How about just everyone apologizes. (Via Dlisted.)