The State Is Definitely For Real Coming Out On DVD

I have a new saying that isn’t going to catch on for things that are always about to happen but never actually happen, like The State coming out on DVD or an Arrested Development movie existing: “Trailer or it didn’t happen.” There is now a trailer for The State’s July 14 DVD release, and even as a fan of The State, this trailer got me more excited than I thought I could be. In addition to being exciting news in itself, it’s also going to open up a whole new world of every single interview with any of these actors no longer including a stupid “When is The State coming out on DVD” boring question. Yay!:

Yay for MTV/Viacom finally resolving that pesky temporary music rights issue! If you’re too young to remember The State, just be prepared to finally understand why your uncle or whatever is always saying “I wanna dip my balls in it!” July 14!