It Is Time To Shut It Down. All Of It.

Seriously, HuffingtonPost? Look, I’m not going to lie to you. I share a small fascination with celebrity gossip (no perezo). Because I live in a world of other human beings whose value systems overlap and influence mine, and it’s impossible to completely extricate myself from the dominating pop culture engine of the world, which at the moment is celebrity gossip. But this is unacceptable. Even US Magazine should be ashamed of itself (if they somehow weren’t already). It would be bad enough if it was just a headline, or a useless, heartbreakingly dumb photo gallery, but someone took the time to interview people and make it into a whole story. Journalism!

This is my favorite part:

Pitt — who donned a newsboy cap — pushed the cart while Jolie followed behind them as they shopped in the produce, fish and meat sections, Ahmed says.

What, no deli counter?

We need a clean up on aisle 9 (that’s the bullet aisle, and the mess is my body).