The Best Of Amy Poehler On Weekend Update

This past weekend’s SNL was “The Best Of Amy Poehler,” and it was soooo good. I almost didn’t watch it because, you know, rerun, but I was curious about how Amy’s manic, childlike characters had stood the test of time, and the answer was almost too well. I guess all “Best Of” SNL episodes feel like this if the actor has left the show, but something about it had this almost obituary quality, like not like she’s gone, but like Amy’s grown up now and has put aside childish things. Which is crazy, because we’re only two episodes into Parks And Recreation, and what is she going to do, her Dakota Fanning impression? Anyway, I thought the best part of the show was this highlight reel of the best of Amy on Weekend Update, both because it was hilarious (and sad at the end), and because on a total girl level, her hair changed so much from show to show!

The show just put up a few recent bits and pieces, so here’s the whole thing:

I can’t believe how much NOSTALGIA is involved in watching that. It feels high-school-far away. Anyway, Amy Poehler rules.