Let’s Get Dressed Up In Costumes And Pretend!

I know that acting is just playing make believe for money, but this is getting ridiculous. Two new photos have emerged today of famous Hollywood actors wearing elaborate costumes on the sets of their new movies. We have Russell Crowe dressed up as Robin Hood, and Meryl Streep dressed up as Julia Child. They both look pretty hilarious, although I will give Meryl Streep a pass on this one, because she is really good at her job of pretending to be other people. Russell Crowe on the other hand: NO SUCH PASS. I know that when you get paid millions of dollars for a role you have to OWN IT, but there’s something so ridiculous about him walking through the forest with a leather shrug on and a silken-stringed bow and arrow like he’s some kind of total badass. People keep saying he looks like Gladiator with a bow, which makes sense if you thought Gladiator looked like the Peter Pan Guy in sandals.

And actually, can we just chill with Robin Hood? Like, forever? Every 10 years there has to be a new Robin Hood movie? I totally support the idea of a vigilante who strives to make the world a better, more egalitarian place, and if Hollywood wants to take that theme and Clueless it up with a modern retelling because they’re all out of ideas anyway duh, then fine, but I’m pretty sure swapping out the tights for a pair of trousers doesn’t solve the problem of this being an antiquated hero who is totally irrelevant and even laughable in the modern world.

Julia Child, on the other hand, total Dark Knight of the kitchen.