Because It’s 4/20, Here’s Paul Rudd And Jason Segel Maybe Stoned

4/20 is here! (Yes, I know that it’s also Carmen Electra’s birthday, okay? Let’s just ignore that sad fact — the fact that even a lady as beautiful as Carmen Electra still feels the sting of age — and celebrate pot smoking instead.) It would be a shame to ignore it entirely because none of the other websites are, so here’s a few-week’s-old interview with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel where the two appear to have been smoking something (though I suspect what they were smoking was “zero sleep”):

“I knew you shouldn’t have had all that meth!” I think the addition of the “gross Tom Cruise face” and Gideon the secret friend make this even sillier than the interview where they just made fart sounds. (Thanks for the tip, Steve!)