The Lily Van Der Woodsen Gossip Girl Spin-Off Poster FAIL

This is the first poster for the Gossip Girl spin-off, Valley Girls, about a young Lily Van Der Woodsen in 1980s LA. Whoops, that’s your poster. They’ve made a terrible mistake. I mean, we’ve all known about this show for awhile now, and it always sounded kind of terrible, but there’s something particularly painful in seeing just exactly how unimaginative they’ve decided to be with it. Don’t get me wrong, it would be virtually impossible for the CW to make an imaginative show about Lily Van Der Woodsen’s youth gone wild days in 1980s LA short of having her ride around on Falkor fighting the Big Nothing. But this? With her clownishly obvious outfit (no Bravo) and it being a mugshot to let you know she’s wild? Boo, Josh Schwartz. You have been so busy phoning it in for your webshow that you’re barely even faxing it in for this. (Faxing joke! That ’80s Blog!)

OXOX, you know you hate this.