This Guy Isn’t The Only One Who’s Painfully Confused

I have been struggling all day with whether or not to post this video of a vlogger insisting on his heterosexuality, because the truth is we have RULES here about who we make fun of, and I still don’t trust you monsters to iBite your e-Tongues when it comes to commenting obvious mean jokes you should know better than to make about terribly sad people on YouTube who don’t need your hackneyed hate. This is not that type of website. But after watching this (nine minute) video twice, in its entirety, I came to the realization that I’m not even sure this guy is for real. This is like high-level performance art. And if he is for real, he is an adult posting his vlogs on YouTube and addressing an “audience,” and as such he lives in a world of consequences. Either way, it’s amazing. And hilarious. And I shouldn’t have to suffer/enjoy this alone, so let’s just share this mesmerizing, incredible video together. Like a FAMILY.

Seriously, this guy is like a mind-blowing logic factory, churning out a blown mind with every pull of the logic lever.

It’s a nice companion piece to his previous video in which he claims an episode of Family Guy (naturally) is further evidence of the FACT that “homosexual and gayness” is “detestable” and “just plain wrong.” Perfect. This guy has it all figured out.

And just in case there was any confusion (and there is so much confusion):

Got it! He’s all yours, ladies.