Friday Fight: Will Twitflix Ruin The Already Bad Experience Of Moviegoing?

lindsay: Do you think Twittering during movies should become a big thing?
gabe: what?
lindsay: Well last night Aziz Ansari and a bunch of other comedians went to a screening of Crank 2 and live twittered it for something called #twitflix
gabe: right
gabe: i read all about it on harry knowles twitter
lindsay: and there’s this debate
gabe: because i read harry knowles’s twitter
gabe: because i hate myself
lindsay: it seems like this could become a “Thing”
lindsay: like, a big thing that people do

lindsay: that simultaneously saves and destroys movies
gabe: saves movies?
gabe: what’s wrong with movies?
gabe: is there something happening to movies that i don’t know about?
lindsay: All I know is, I had ZERO interest in seeing Crank 2
lindsay: but now that I’ve read the #twitflix twitters, I want to buy a ticket for it.
lindsay: with my money
gabe: to be fair, if aziz and paul scheer and rob huebel twittered about drinking battery acid
gabe: you would porbably at least look into it
gabe: such is your devotion
gabe: to the giants
lindsay: hahaha
gabe: i feel like you’re actually asking two questions but pretending like it’s one question
lindsay: I can’t really make my mind up about this
gabe: because “do you think twittering is good in movies” is different from
lindsay: I want smart funny people to twitter in movies
lindsay: but I don’t want every idiot to
lindsay: the principle of universality is the problem
gabe: “do you think organized events where people twitter from teh back of the theater as a joke in movies”
gabe: “is good”
gabe: those are really different scenarios

lindsay: Oh, I think everyone but Harry Knowles thinks that’s okay
gabe: i also think that you have taken a pretty sharp elitist turn about who should get to twitter
gabe: right off the bat
lindsay: yes, I have indeed
lindsay: I have to say it does really bother me when people text in movies
gabe: duh
lindsay: maybe there should be special screenings
lindsay: texting allowed screenings
lindsay: like the smoking section of restaurants
gabe: well that’s never going to happen
gabe: when people can just text freely whenever they want already
gabe: whether it annoys you or not
lindsay: in this weird kutcher vs CNN, teabagging on TV week
lindsay: it seems like anything can happen
gabe: the real problem with criticizing this is that going to the movies has been pretty miserable for awhile now
gabe: in harry knowles’s twitter war with aziz
gabe: he complained that it ruined the sanctity of the theater going experience
gabe: as if people shouting at the screen and kicking your seat and using their phone wasn’t already ruining the sanctity of the theater going experience
gabe: when i went to see the dark knight, there was someone sitting next to us LISTENING TO HER IPOD
gabe: the whole movie
gabe: opening weekend
gabe: loudly

gabe: it’s like people complaining about the sanctity of marriage in the age of Mama’s Boys and Joe MIllionaire and whatever
lindsay: hahahahaa
gabe: and yes, comparing twittering in the movies to the marriage debate
gabe: is a perfect comparison
lindsay: I think the worry is that it will become a huge thing
lindsay: in all movies
lindsay: like, Crank 2 is one thing
lindsay: but what if a twitflix group descended on Revolutionary Road or something?
gabe: no offense to human giant
gabe: but i think that’s giving them too much credit
gabe: if it becomes a big thing, it won’t be because human giant organized a funny event
lindsay: hahaaha, no, I don’t mean them
lindsay: I just mean as a sign of the times
lindsay: the way things are going
gabe: but things are already going that way
lindsay: I can see the studios encouraging it
gabe: it’s done
gabe: the movement in that direction is complete
gabe: we are in full constant-communication mode
gabe: if people haven’t been twittering like crazy in the movies
gabe: it’s because a lot of people still don’t know what twitter is
gabe: and don’t have it installed on their iphones
gabe: because they don’t have iphones
lindsay: right
gabe: new york makes you think that a lot more people have iphones than they actually do
lindsay: I don’t have one!
gabe: well, you have a blackberry
gabe: so let’s not play the populist card
lindsay: hahaha
gabe: Lindsay Kutcher, everywoman
lindsay: but I don’t call it a “crackberry”
lindsay: Do we actually disagree on any aspect of this?
gabe: i think the most important way that we disagree on this is that my opinion of crank 2 has not changed at all
lindsay: hahaha
gabe: i think that this twitflix thing
gabe: is really just a lightning rod for everyone’s anger
gabe: about how much it sucks to go to the movies these days
gabe: even though that’s independent of this event
lindsay: yeah
lindsay: I like how harry knowles kept saying “movies are about escaping your life”
lindsay: I don’t really want to escape my life into crank 2.
gabe: well, he also argued that if even one person’s viewing experience of crank 2 was affected
gabe: not even ruined, just affected
gabe: by someone twittering, then everyone who took part was, and i quote, “damned”
gabe: which, i mean, i get it
gabe: everyone deserves a non-annoying viewing experience if they’re paying to go to the movies
gabe: but also RELAX

gabe: relax, Harry Knowles
lindsay: hahahahaha
lindsay: the Twitter Blacklist
lindsay: of ’09
lindsay: the Twitter Hearings
lindsay: Are you now or have you ever been a movie twitterer?
gabe: no
gabe: i turn my phone off during moies
gabe: like a gentleman
gabe: i don’t even like twittering normally
gabe: much less when i’m in the middle of soemthing that cost 12 dollars
gabe: that being said, i also don’t like kicking people’s chairs or yelling shit
gabe: so i’m obviously in the minority when it comes to what people like and don’t like when they’re at the movies
lindsay: aziz ansari should get harry knowle’s number and call him during screenings
lindsay: to see if he turned his phone off
gabe: hahah
gabe: everyone should get harry knowles’s number
gabe: and call him to ask him to turn his blog off