What Is Happening To Everyone’s Face?

This is the movie poster for Jennifer Aniston’s new romantic comedy, Management. Between this poster and the trailer, it seems to be a movie about the age old story of butt touching. (Oh great, another butt touching movie! SNORE!) But, um, what is up with Jennifer Aniston’s face? As an American, I’ve been exposed to countless images of Jennifer Aniston’s face, to the point where whether I like it or not, I feel fairly confident that I would recognize her in public, maybe even from up to a few feet away without my glasses, and I’ve never even met her (believe it). What’s going on here? It’s especially unfortunate since being the only face on the poster at all, it seems like Jennifer Aniston’s face (well, and butt) are the main draws being used to get people to see the movie. Which is stupid, because Steve Zahn is great, and he actually looks really funny in this movie even if it does seem like he’s gone full retard. Seriously, though, her face. What is up with it? That is not her. Who is that? Whose face is that?

And this coming just one day after those photos of Rupert Everett’s new face. Did you see THAT shit? Bonkers:

(Via towleroad.) Hey Rupert Everett, my nightmares called. They want your new face back.


What is happening here? I mean, I know that what’s happening is surgery, and/or Photoshop, but this is unacceptable. You only get one face, you guys. Treasure it. TREASURE YOUR FACE. The only time that you should ever even consider tampering with your face is in the pursuit of a deadly criminal when the only way to get information about the bomb he has hidden in the city is by using a risky experimental surgery to transfer his face to yours and using his face to trick his brother in prison into telling you what’s what, and even then you will probably come to regret it. What if the clinic burns down? Too much hassle.

This guy knows:

Remember, you guys, FACE/ON. Always.