So, Is Parks And Recreation Getting Better?

We now have two episodes (of a six-episode first season) of Parks And Recreation on which to judge it. This week we met Leslie’s mother, learned the extent of Leslie’s plan to be the first female President, and, disappointingly, saw the continuation of the dull “pit” storyline. These people need to start sleeping with each other, stat! Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt were, once again, the best part of the show, and I laughed out loud twice: when Leslie’s mother admonished her for standing in the doorway (“it’s creepy”) and Leslie stepped into the office and announced “Choosing ‘in’!” and when Chris Pratt the musician boyfriend told us the name of his band (“Just The Tip”). The show was a little less piloty-uncomfortable this week because we’re more used to the characters, but it needs to start taking more risks and crossing the line soon to hold the interest of its talent’s fans. So comment party, what did you guys think?