30 Rock: Rich Lady Fight Club

Last night’s episode of 30 Rock wasn’t just funny but sort of a philosophical exploration of How We Live Now or whatever! After Liz got temporarily suspended last week for sexual harassment, a chance encounter with a wealthy neighbor introduces her to a whole new world of stress-free, mimosa-and-mani-pedi living, and she’s finally able to stop thinking about work. But soon she learns that life without meaningful work is a hell unto itself. This is just exactly like life, except for the sexual harassment part. Life lessons!

I’m a sucker for an Indigo Girls joke, so this made me die:

Liz learns the truth about lives of leisure:

And because I always neglect Tracy, this was his best line of the week: “Honesty and trust is very important in an entourage. Like that HBO show, John Adams.” There’s also a “why have I never thought of that” storyline about a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice awards parade of death montage. And it is strongly implied that Meredith Viera sexually harassed Kenneth the page. Just watch the whole thing on Hulu!