Hate Crime Your Way To A Better Body

A tipster (thanks, Leighton) sent us this screencap of an ad she found on Facebook this morning. The copy reads:

Summer’s almost here and that means, [sic] it’s time to get ripped abs! Try our new proven ab-toning product now!

Fair enough. Summer is almost here, and it is time to get ripped abs. Except, um, IS THAT A PICTURE OF ED NORTON IN AMERICAN HISTORY X?! Incredible. I guess he was kind of ripped in that movie, once he took off his Hitler costume. More like, American History Abs, right, you guys? Woof. Maybe I should have thought a little longer before making that joke. And maybe the makers of this “product” should have thought a little longer about making this ad. Just put their mouth on the curb nice and long while they thought about health and fitness and beaches and hatred.