Drew Barrymore Flashes Her Tongue Ring At David Letterman

Drew Barrymore was on Letterman last night, dressed up like a fancy lady to promote Grey Gardens (Saturday night! HBO! Campy fun/sad times!), and as usual she was flirtatious with Mr. Letterman in a way that always feels a little weird because only Amy Sedaris is allowed to do that. Anyway, after talking about the flashing incident, Dave asked about her new tongue ring, so she showed him, explaining that she has it because she’s “a good time gal!” Get it? Because of bjs? That clip and the rest of the interview are after the jump.

Good time gal!:

Full interview part one:

Part two (I love what a geek DB is for Grey Gardens):

And, just for the hell of it, the 1995 boob-flash:

Everyone was so young! I wonder what the weird thing Drew said last night in reference to the boob-flashing incident, “happy da and birthday v” means? It seemed to make Dave uncomfortable!