Lost: Do You Know What Lies In The Shadow Of The Statue?

Yes. If you were to list out all the episodes of Lost and write down one word next to each episode, the word next to this episode would be: yes.

So, Miles has a gift. He can make the whole world go all jump-cutty and heavy breathing and suddenly he’s “talking” to dead people. The writers might want to clean this up a little bit and get on the same page, because baby Miles is screaming about how he can “hear” the dead guy, while adult, gray-sideburns Miles tells Hurley that it’s just a feeling you get. And I’m not real clear why he had to open the body bag to ask the dead guy a question when in an earlier episode he could feel what happened by touching the ground. I know that it’s more dramatic to open the body bag and go real Dave Caruso (OK, what really happened?–YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) but it is also inconsistent, and if this show is going to suggest that the only true way to enjoy it is to have a separate hard drive for storing your Myth Notes, then they should repay the favor by knowing what’s what. ANYWAY, Horace (or Worstace, depending on whether or not you think he’s the worst) brings Miles into the Circle of Trust, which as far as I can tell is synonymous with the Circle Of Transporting Dead Bodies Without Complaint. Dharma is shooting people in the head for some reason. Must have something to do with Ann Arbor.

So Corduroy Blazer Miles (not to be confused with Siouxie and the Banshees Miles) is selling his gift for money, which is when he is approached by Naomi, who, by the way, YOWZA! I wouldn’t kick her out of the tent for eating Dharma Saltines IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. But she hires Miles to be the ghostwhisperer for Team Widmore, because all Miles cares about is money. But then a van kidnaps him Lambda Epsilon Omega-style and urges him to join Team Not Widmore.

SURPRISE, that guy is already on the island! But in the present! He’s one of the new Losties!

Yikes. What are those new Losties up to? Careful, Piggy!

But so, the episode had lots of great classic Lost moments, in particular:

ZAP! That guy from all that stuff is Miles’s dad! He’s also kind of a jerk! Hurley likes the kitchen! How come those two construction workers were so easily brought into the Circle Of Transporting Dead Bodies Without Complaint? Worstace really made me think it was an elite Circle, but that Circle takes just about anybody as long as there is strict adherence to the Without Complaint part.

I also enjoyed this scene:

What’s in the hatch?! More importantly, WHEN’s in the hatch?!

The scene I did not enjoy was the Star Wars scene. Talk about low-hanging fruit. If I were a nerd I would be insulted. I’m surprised Hurley didn’t try to get rich by pre-writing the script for JJ Abrams upcoming Star Trek reboot, in theaters May 8, 2009.

But the real MOMENT of the show was the triumphant return of Daniel Faraday!

I like your new look, Dan. You know who else likes it?

Black is the new black.

But seriously, can we talk about this? WHERE WAS DANIEL FARADAY? I thought he was back in the ’70s, but he wasn’t? He was in Ann Arbor working at the Dharma office on North Campus? He got the submarine’s flux capacitor working and hit 88 miles per hour? Beards are his constant? Tha mind reelz.