God Made The Black Eyed Peas Stupid, Science Made Them Stupider

Remember on election night 2008 (Always Remember) when CNN brought in as a holographic guest expert? That was so bad and ridiculous! This is worse.

Nice try, Fergie. It’s cute how she acts like she’s a queen deigning to pay a visit on her subjects when the reality is she will literally throw herself under a bus if she thinks there’s a camera under there. And of course I mean that it’s “cute” in the way everything Fergie does is “cute,” which is to say kind of haggard, and slathered in makeup, and smelling faintly of menthol and plastic. This girl knows.

But I don’t even understand why this video is being made. We already know what birth into the digital afterlife looks like:

If you hear all of the phones of the world ringing in unison, you will know that the Black Eyed Peas are the worst.