Jamie Foxx Uses His Apology To Miley Cyrus To Promote His Radio Show

Jamie Foxx is so sorry for what he said about Miley Cyrus on his Sirius satellite radio show. If anyone of you are unaware, he has a Sirius satellite radio show, it’s basically the black Howard Stern, for any of you Howard Stern fans out there, and he goes after everybody and it’s just hilarious, if you like good radio you’re going to love his radio show, on Sirius satellite radio. But he is sorry. You know his heart. Whatever that means. He’s a comedian, and sometimes, as comedians, as full-grown adult comedians with children of our own for whose well-being we hope to provide and whose moral compass we hope to keep calibrated, you know, we go a little too far, and by a little too far Jamie Foxx means that we encourage 16-year-old children to make a sex tape and get Chlamydia and go have gum reduction surgery and do heroin. You know, jokes. He’s so sorry that he’s going to call Miley Cyrus. He has daughters, so he’s going to call her. Problem solved. Comedian. By the way, you should know that when Jamie Foxx’s “comedy” airs on the radio, Sirius satellite radio, where Jamie Foxx has a show, yes it goes a little too far sometimes but it’s mostly hilarious. The problem is that then people hear it on the internet OUT OF CONTEXT. When you’re telling your funny jokes about 16-year-old children being stupid bitches who need to put crack in their pipe and shut up, people need context. The internet is terrible. But he’s going to call her. Sirius. Comedian.

I hate this fucking guy so much.

P.S. BIG props to Jay Leno for basically consoling Jamie Foxx in this difficult time.