Textbook Diff’rent Strokes Mashup

In the future, the internet will be studied on college campuses all across the country. Or at least, more than it is now. There will be classes on LOLz and 4Chan and the Ancient Civilization of iVillage. People will major in Social Networking Studies and Creative Twitter Update Writing. Entire dissertations will be written about Gay Retarded YouTube Commenters and The Rise and Fall of the Xzibit Meme. But few of those subjects of internet scholarship will compare in scope to the study of the mashup. Entire campuses will be devoted to it (entire campuses will not be devoted to it), and thousands of hopeful students will arrive each year hoping to make a name for themselves in the field (OK, that is more likely).

And when that day comes, on the first day of class, the professor will have everyone turn to the first page of their Mashup For Beginners textkindles, and this video will start to play:

For tomorrow, I would like you to read webpages 125,000-239,000,000. Class dismissed.

(Thanks for the tip, Max.)