The Unusuals Beastie Boys Mash-Up (Also, Watch The Unusuals)

An anonymous tipster at ABC sent over this just-for-fun mashup (apparently created by the show for their own amusement) using footage from The Unusuals, the Adam Goldberg/Amber Tamblyn cop dramedy that comes on after Lost now. I just had to explain this to a 23-year-old, depressingly, but it’s based on the groundbreaking Spike Jonze-directed video for the Beastie Boys’s “Sabotage,” from 1994. It’s cute:

So! This gives me the chance to recommend The Unusuals, which got solid but not delirious ratings last week (probably because, as soon as Lost ends, everyone runs to their blogs to blog about it.) Just judging from the pilot, The Unusuals takes itself less seriously than any one-hour pilot I’ve seen, and treats TV and police procedural cliches with the blank stares and “Um, okays” they deserve. Every time I thought I spotted something that would be groan-worthy in a regular show, it was played for laughs or an inside joke (like parodying the copy-machine-as-lie-detector cop show cliche/urban legend in the very first episode. Which took balls, since everyone seemed to mistake it for a ripoff of The Wire.) Anyway, I know I’m like a broken record here, but as someone who currently has the attention span for exactly one hour-long drama (House, duh) I think The Unusuals shows promise as the cop show with a sense of humor about how ridiculous it has to be to be a cop show in the first place.