The “Business Card Guy” Talks About Martial Arts While His Poor Daughter Contemplates Running Away

Before sharing the latest amazing Joel “Business Card Guy” Bauer video, in which he extols the benefits of a special new martial art he learned, and which, like the business card video and the packing video before it, is AWESOME, I just want to make something clear: I didn’t put this video on the internet, he did, and I’m not making fun of his daughter, and in fact, I feel great sympathy/empathy for her. You will, too. Okay, that said, this is another crazy one you guys: Joel wants us to know that he and his daughter can both “do serious damage to another human being within a microsecond, whether they’re carrying a gun, a knife, or a club.” I’m scared! No, literally:

I have to commend Joel — I laughed a genuine, non-ironic little laugh when he said of his eleven years of previous martial arts training: “I learned to dance.” (Thanks to Nathan for the tip!)