ABC Family Screws Up, Posts Roommates Video Without The Laugh Track

I think we can all agree that, going forward, no new show should have a laugh track. Everyone who watches any comedies without laugh tracks has surely noticed by now that laugh tracks only highlight how unfunny sitcom jokes are, even on otherwise good sitcoms like HIMYM or The Big Bang Theory. Laugh tracks are basically wincing-cues now. So, ABC Family has this new show called Roommates, and it’s supposed to be terrible, as outlined in detail by Eliot Glazer on TV Eliot takes the show to task for, among other things, its horrible laugh track:

Someone in post-production seems to have gone overboard with Roommates, adding shrieks of laughter to the show could make the most passive of viewers highly suspicious.

This will sound familiar to anyone who’s accidentally seen Two And A Half Men on an airplane, or watched it on purpose stoned because they thought it would be funny that way (I hear it’s not.) But then, BUT THEN, Eliot provides a video he found on the ABC Family Roommates site that was (I think very obviously) accidentally put up without a laugh track, providing a peek behind the uncomfortable sitcom curtain that’s straight out of The TV Set. OUCH:

The worst thing about this, besides the deaf joke, is the fact that you actually can hear (slight) laughter at two separate points, meaning it was presumably filmed in front of an audience of appropriately silent, unamused, probably angry people.