Terrence Howard Is Just Riding The Beautiful Go-Cart Of Life

Oh man. In a press interview for his new movie Fighting, Terrence Howard kept it a little too real. Via FilmDrunk:

I ride life like it’s a beautiful go-cart. Me and my friends, we’ll get out there and make a go-cart. You spend so much time finding pieces to make the go-cart, and sometimes it don’t work. But then, all of a sudden, you’ve got a go-cart that’s working. And right when you start riding down the hill, your mother calls you and tells you that you gotta come in. The little boy has to stop, right then and there. So, he comes in and he’s angry and sullen in the face. I’m having such a great time in my life right now. I’m making go-carts, you know? And then, when they call me and make me come to work, I walk in there, I slam doors and I do all those things that a little bad kid would do.

There is nothing funnier than people using crazy metaphors they just made up as if they’re a common thing everyone knows about. “You know, beautiful life go-carts.” Um, Mr. Howard, that’s not a thing. “Yeah, you go into your emotions workshop and you build a go-cart of experience and when that go-cart is working you take it down the hill of love because you’re a little boy.” Perfect. I hope he expands this into a whole chapter for his upcoming self-motivation book, Tuesdays with Terrence. And then I hope I put that book in my bathroom.