The Worst “Gathering Storm” Parody Possible

Okay, well, in the interest of trying to be (somewhat) equal opportunity maker-funners of things, and also in the interest sharing things that are so bad they’re funny, here’s a very, uh, amateur parody of the “Gathering Storm” “NOM NOM NOM” anti-gay marriage commercial. As you will see, it uses the very effective thought experiment of changing the word “gay” to “interracial” in any anti-gay marriage argument to expose its ridiculous arcaneness. But something gets lost in the production values, at least. It’s kind of like Fisher Price’s Baby’s First Parody:

Okay, it’s obviously supposed to be silly, but there has to be some sort of “See, even the person who made this video is smart enough to realize gay marriage should be legal!” lesson to be learned here. And, anyway, as tipster Chris pointed out, this video is if nothing else, immensely charming. And when you think about it, this kid could totally get a job at South Park.