OK, Who Is Behind The F.U.S.B.I. “Come On Back” Video?

People on the internet keep calling this “the worst music video ever made.” Well if by worst they mean best then yeah.

Total perfection. But what is this?

At first it seems like this video is so bad it’s hilarious, and all you want is to make fun of it all day long with your mom and her friends. Lots Of Love. “It’s amazing that these guys don’t know how ridiculous they look!” Is what you write in an email to your mom. Except they do. Obviously. This is Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job-caliber terrible. Richard Dunn is at home saying “why didn’t I think of that?” into his morning fiber. By the time the bass playerguitarist takes off his turtleneck (but not his beret) to play shirtless at the end the game is over, we are in full-on fake out territory, although you probably had your suspicions the first time you saw that happy young keyboardist singing along. If someone was really smart, this whole thing would be an ad for 20-oz bottles of Diet Pepsi, but I think that’s just there to throw us off the trail. I refuse to believe that Diet Pepsi is this talented.

So, the question remains: WHO HAS MADE THIS WONDERFUL JOKE?