Would You Like To Play A Videogame?

Oh man. Saw videogame, you guys. Right on time.

“The game mechanics are just classic horror-survival.” That’s a sentence now. That is a thing that people say that other people understand.

On the one hand, it seems obvious that there is a Saw videogame, and if anything it’s surprising that it’s taken this long. The Saw roller coaster beat the Saw videogame by a year? Smart. On the other hand, isn’t a Saw videogame completely contrary to Saw’s entire philosophy? CLARIFICATION: there is no such thing as Saw’s entire philosophy, it is one of the most intellectually bankrupt movie franchises of all time. BUT, Saw pretends like it has a philosophy, which is to shake its viewers out of their complacency with the beautiful gift of life. Jigsaw’s horrible project is to show people just how far they will go to save the life they took for granted the day before. Right? And, you know, nothing says living life to the fullest and loving every second of it like SITTING IN YOUR PARENTS’ BASEMENT IN YOUR PAJAMAS PLAYING A “HORROR-SURVIVAL” VIDEOGAME BASED ON A 5 YEAR OLD MOVIE.

Carpe ughm.