Lindsay Lohan Proves Self-Satire Is Really Really Hard

In the wake of her recent meltdown that concerns Gabe greatly, Lindsay Lohan has gone to the unlikely but now official disgraced celebrity PR people, Funny Or Die, where their team of writers came up with the most overused template (a fake eHarmony video) and used Microsoft word’s search and replace feature to create the least imaginative script for Lindsay using the comedy credo: “Just have the famous person detail her alleged and probably true problems while rolling her eyes a little at the same time. It’s called ‘satire’!”:

Something about this feels downright mean, like they’re using her. This video didn’t do anything to make Lindsay Lohan seem less crazy. If anything, it made her seem sadder, more naive, and more easily manipulated. This is the famous person equivalent of a Girls Gone Wild video. (Also, you know, uh, ahem, meth-face.)