Are We Allowed To Make Fun Of Love ‘N Dancing?

Just kidding. Yes, yes we are. Love ‘N Dancing is a dancing movie like every other…with a twist (that’s my tagline what I just made up, it’s perfect!) Love ‘N Dancing stars Amy Smart, Tom Malloy, Billy Zane, and a bunch of dancers from So You Think You Can Dance (LOL, but for real). And it’s called “Love ‘N Dancing.” And it has a twist!

Love ‘N Dancing premieres in Atlanta (LOL, but for real) on April 30th, and other cities “in May.” I don’t even know why I’m making fun of this movie so much when it’s clearly for 12 year olds, and when I was 12 I wore a pink tshirt everywhere that said “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in purple puff paint (this was before NASA invented slick paint), and I made that shirt in a fit of sudden, never-replicated creative passion at a slumber party after seeing GJWHF for the first (through sixth) times, and nobody would have predicted the success of that movie, so clearly I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to predicting the success of movies about two people who don’t get along at first moving their bodies around in a public place in hopes of winning a prize. (See also: The Cutting Edge, which was so not even a real movie either at first!) Someday Love ‘N Dancing, with its cliche-with-a-kind-of-patronizing-or-maybe-cool-I-can’t-decide-twist plot and its dumb name and its random, yet fast-growing premiere city, will own us all. (Thanks for the tip, Kate!)