You Are CAUGHT, Samm Levine

Here is a funny video care of EverythingIsTerrible (via HolyTaco) that captures the brief and regrettable craze that was Beanie Babies. (Did you know that if planet Earth’s existence was an hour, all of human history would be less than one second out of that hour, and Beanie Babies would be a fucking joke?) It’s two and a half wonderful minutes of completely deluded people talking about over-priced beanbags as if they’re a real thing worth actual money. There is even a full-grown adult man who is obviously your boyfriend going on and on because he’s President of the Sad Club’s Beanie Baby Division.

Yes, yes, LOL, of course. I get it. They talk about how the fad will never end, but it does end! BUT ALSO I KNOW YOU, HOST.



You are CAUGHT, Samm Levine. Or should I call you SAMM BEANIE BABY LOVERINE. Oh man, I don’t know why this is so funny to me. Obviously, Samm Levine is a perfectly good comedic actor, who has been in lots of good stuff, and work is work. Even 10-year-old future cult comedy stars have to put food on their families. It’s just nice to see that no one is safe from the mild embarrassment of resurfacing viral videos. You’re next, Martin Starr.