The Real World/Road Rules Duel 2 Opening Credits Must Be Seen 2 Be Believed

The beloved Real World/Road Rules challenge series has entered a new chapter with Duel 2. (I believe the challenge is who can just barely not die from alcohol poisoning after passing out naked in someone else’s bunkbed.) In the first 15 minutes of the first episode two of the castmembers got kicked off for having a straight up fist fight, and that’s before the challenges even began! This show is retarded!

Not that you couldn’t tell that something was seriously wrong from the opening credits. Have you guys seen these things? Holy shit. Normally, I don’t HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone pay close attention to the opening credits of a spin-off reality show featuring extroverted half-literate Goldschlager garbage monsters, but this is unlike anything you have ever witnessed. MUST BE SEEN 2 BE BELIEVED.

Unbelievable. How do you say “are you fucking kidding me?” in Maori? The entire nation of New Zealand just committed honor suicide.

The girl from Whale Rider is completely unimpressed:

MTV is a fucking idiot. (Thanks for the tip, Eliza.)