Damon Weaver Is Back With A Question For Barack

This weekend, 20/20 aired a Diane Sawyer special about Americans and guns. It was informative, but the best part was catching up with little Damon Weaver, whose election coverage for his local news station charmed the world last fall. Damon has been out of the political spotlight since the inauguration (though he’s interviewed sports figures at a Disney event recently). The focus of this segment was, of course, guns, so it was bound to be depressing, but it was surprising to learn that Damon lives in such a dangerous town where children witness gun violence all the time, and Damon himself has witnessed a shooting.

Oh, no! It is cute when he says he wants to be “a person who trains whales,” and ABC and his local station should be commended for giving Damon such a huge platform to send a message to the president about gun violence, and I know it affects millions of children, but Jesus Christ, get Damon and his brothers out of there!