At Least One Scene In Angelina Jolie’s Salt Will Be AMAZING

Angelina Jolie is currently in Washington D.C. shooting a new espionage thriller called Salt. Variety described the movie thusly:

Jolie is close to a deal to play the title character, a CIA officer who’s accused by a defector of being a Russian sleeper spy and must elude capture long enough to establish her innocence.

OK. Sounds kind of like The Fugitive but with spies. And by kind of like I mean exactly like. Things on the set have been pretty intense. She skinned her knee! What a trooper. Someone give her 20 million dollars for her troubles.

In any case, skinned knees and Fugitive For Spies aside, a casting call on Craigslist today makes it clear that no matter what, at least one scene in this movie is going to be incredible:

BABY NINJAS! And NO BEGINNERS ALLOWED. They are casting for SERIOUS baby ninjas ONLY. This is obviously going to be a very serious espionage thriller and I am obviously going to very see it on opening day.

Too old. NEXT!