The Amazing Story Of Two Bratz Dolls In Love

The most charming thing I’ve seen today is this fan-made video for a Pussycat Dolls song called “I Hate This Part,” using Bratz dolls to tell a tragic love story, complete with black-and-white memories and big actions stunts (No, don’t climb the file cabinet in anger! You’ll fall!) It’s funnier and more adorable than it sounds, and obviously a lot of work went into it. I think this is exactly what I would have been doing with Barbies and Amy Grant songs if YouTube had existed when I was a ‘tween.

(Yes, I know Bratz doll movies are a “thing,” but this is the first one I’ve liked.)

How adorable was that? Dear imakebratzmovies on YouTube, make your videos embeddable! This one was awesome. Own it. (Thanks to Brad for “accidentally finding this” (suuuure) and sending it along.)