Moon, We Have A Problem

This is a trailer for a new sci-fi movie starring Sam Rockwell called Moon, you guys:

OK. It looks great. I predict the best space movie since Space Buddies. I love a beautifully filmed non-action-blast sci-fi movie about the tortures of self. It’s like 2001 crossed with Sunshine minus the weird 30-minute horror movie tacked on at the end of Sunshine crossed with Solaris (Russian). There is just one problem:



Stupid Kevin Spacey smiley-face computer. What’s wrong, Robin Williams was unavailable? Seriously, with the exception of Robin Williams would anyone have been worse as the voice of the smiley-face moon mine computer? OK, besides Robin Williams, Colin Farrell, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

OK, the more I think about it, lots of people would be terrible as the voice of the smiley face moon mine computer. In large part I feel that this is due to the fact that the moon mine computer HAS A SMILEY FACE. (Although I maintain that Kevin Spacey is still very very bad. At everything.)

Look at this guy’s face: