Stephen Colbert Warns Of “The Hedgehog Armageddon”

In a hilarious segment last night, Stephen Colbert profiled the greatest threat to our heartland: herpes-spreading pet hedgehogs, and the little boy (a “Hedge-fiend”) named Judd who didn’t know the meaning of “great, now we don’t have to buy one,” and got the tiny menaces legalized in Lawrence, Kansas. Stephen actually got a doctor to say “There’s no hedgehog armageddon.” Hopefully, the other kids at Judd’s school aren’t allowed to watch The Colbert Report, because the bullies are not going to get it:

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The Enemy Within – Hedgehogs
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I liked Stephen’s very subtle shout-out to Lawrence, Kansas legend William S. Burroughs in the beginning “A threat to our very existence BURROWS within our own borders.” Nice.