Viral Video Rorschach Test: Cat Yells At Other Cat

Last night, in the absence of a computer, I attempted to describe this video of a cat “talking” to another cat in a real life conversation with others, and quickly realized 1. Never do that, you sound retarded no matter what and 2. Because of the questions that immediately followed, I realized that each person tells a different “story” about this video to themselves, and projects his or her own personal demons and fears and hopes and dreams upon it! It’s called “projecting.” I did it. Now you do it! What are these cats doing? It’s time to learn a little thing or two about our psyches, from an internet cat video (of course):

(Headphones are a good idea unless you want to get a lot of office attention):

Some Questions To Ask Your Heart, To Learn Things:

1. Which cat do you see yourself as?
2. Do you think the orange cat maybe has a good reason to be angry?
3. Why don’t you think the black cat yells back?
4) Do you think the cats will make up, or is this incident a dealbreaker?
5. What does this video bring to mind the most:

A) The playground/schoolyard
B) Home life
C) Dating and relationships
D) The office/work
E) All of the above

Oh, we all know the answer is “they should just do it and get it over with” because they’re cats, but this was fun. (Thanks to Darci for sending this!)