Kanye West Is A Gay Fish

I can tell you from experience that South Park’s commentary on current events gets a lot less compelling the further you get from being 14. They don’t so much speak truth to power as they do farts to power, and that’s fine, but it can be kind of exhausting. And I’ve never been a big fan of self-proclaimed “equal opportunity offenders.” I’m pretty sure that just means you’re an asshole to everyone, and last I checked, no one likes assholes. The point being, though, that at a certain point in one’s mature life as a member of the national discourse, being up-to-date on “South Park’s take on…” is not the must-have cultural touchstone that it is when you’re having Edward Fortyhands parties.

That being said, when South Park jumps the rails of even pretending to make actual, politically-grounded commentary into the wild brush of their permanently-adolescent drug-addled mockery of celebrities, almost no one does it better. That is how you get Kanye West singing a song about how he is a gay fish, because why not:


UPDATE: Kanye West responds.

UPDATE 2: Extended remix:
“Kanye West” – “Gay Fish” (MP3)