Billy Bob Thornton Went All The Way To Canada To Be Mean On The Radio

Billy Bob Thornton did an interview with his band, the Boxmasters, on Canadian radio this morning. After refusing to cooperate with the patient (and way too nice) interviewer, he suddenly turned on him, apparently just for mentioning that Billy Bob is also an actor, and spat out “Would you say that to Tom Petty?” and “You’re instructed not to talk about that shit.” It’s less of a Joaquin Phoenix-style stunt and more of the bitterness of a sad old dude. But, for real, what an asshole. But also, sad. But also, asshole. You decide:

The dramatic part starts at about 6:30, in the middle of Billy Bob’s rambling story about monster magazines:

This isn’t the first time Thornton has insisted that we all join with him in maintaining the delusion that his music career is unrelated to his acting (or tabloid) career, but, really, Canada? He should be shocked that anyone in Canada has heard of his music. Also, he’s afraid of antiques. Just making sure the younger generation doesn’t forget that amazing eccentricity. (Thanks to Mike and Evelyn for the tips!)