A Rainbow Coalition Of Terrible Actors

Whoa, so you know the anti-gay marriage ad from earlier? NOM NOM NOM? Well, it’s turning into a huge deal! A “Gathering Storm,” if you will. And it’s being fought (or stormed, or whatever) on YouTube! To demonstrate the fakeness of the points of view represented in the ad, the Human Rights Campaign found the audition tape of actors trying out for the roles of the fake people and leaked them on YT. And they are HILARIOUS, as all audition reels probably are, but this one is like a comedy sketch. These actors will be lucky to get background work every three years in Kirk Cameron movies (BURN!):

Part one: old people being terrible actors: funny:

Part two: younger people being terrible actors: even funnier:

I could watch the dude who looks like he hasn’t showered in four years say “I’m a California doctor” all day long. (Via The Washington City Paper.)