“Zac Efron’s Pool Party” Tries So Hard It Hurts

The new Funny Or Die video starring Zac Efron, Tom Lennon, Justin Long, and all the other celebrities commits at least eight or nine comedy sins (Brody Jenner recites “smart” conversation, you know, like Paris Hilton did in that one video? Somebody at FOD thinks that bit is always funny) but Tom Lennon can do no wrong, Zac Efron is barely in it, and if you make it to the end, Justin Long eats poop. So, you know, happy birthday or whatever:

Even though I’m not in the target demographic, this totally makes me want to see Zac Efron’s new movie that’s a ripoff of like 20 other movies, 17 Again! Not. (And hey, where’s Matthew Perry? He stars in 17 Again. If Carmen Electra can be at the pool party, Matthew Perry can certainly be at the pool party. Matthew Perry is cooler than Carmen Electra.)