The Doctors Are Literally Getting People High

Ah, The Doctors. Does anyone watch it? I think the reason The Doctors gets so little in the way of viral video (or The Soup) love is because EVERY MINUTE of EVERY SHOW is worthy of being a crazy WTF clip. I swear, every time I turn it on, they’re scaring parents (and teaching teenagers) about fake teen trends like “vodka tampons,” or building a mannequin that vomits in order to show how vomit happens. (That was in the promo for Tuesday’s show!) But here’s one I missed when it originally aired, that aired again on Monday: for a story on salvia, that drug everyone’s always flipping out about on the news but nobody ever bothers to make illegal, The Doctors actually got a “researcher” to smoke salvia in their studio and talk about how it made him feel. It’s crazy — not in a “teenager on salvia YouTube video way”, but a “straight-laced businessman accidentally drinks ‘shroom tea” way:

“It’s almost as if you have a viewer watching you within yourself…I know that sounds ridiculous! The feeling of being yourself within your body is lost.” Well, thanks The Doctors, but can you try it on a guy who’s at least smoked pot before? This experiment was fundamentally flawed. (Thanks to Jeremy for the tip!)