Surely There Is An Even Worse Crank 2 Tagline

LOL. Lots Of Love. OK. That is not a very good tagline. Especially for a movie that pretends like it’s about to excitetrocute your brain with funtricity. But surely they could have come up with an even worse Crank 2 tagline. HMM, THAT GIVES ME AN IDEA FOR A BLOG POST!

A List of Worse Potential Taglines for Crank 2:

  • Welcome To ACTION TOWN!
  • He…Jason Statham…There Is…Something About His Heart Or Something
  • Picking Up A Little While After The Last Movie Left Off
  • He Chase The Bad Men What Gave Him A Robot’s Heart
  • Oh Yes, There Will Be A Tongue Hooked Up To A Car Battery
  • Retarded Speed…2!

There’s no unimproving on imperfection. (Image via WoosterCollective.)