The White House Just Got A Little More Kal Penn

Did you wake up this morning to an email from your co-worker, an avowed and militant anti-spoiler-activist, totally spoiling last night’s House for you? Well, I did. Friday Fight came a little early this week. Anyway, I am not going to spoil it for anyone (though the rest of the internet has/will), so if you haven’t heard today’s Kal Penn news, don’t read past the jump. Some people care about not spoiling things for people.

Kal Penn’s character, Dr. Kutner, killed himself on House, M.D. last night. :( :( :(

Anyway, it was so he could take a job, a real job-job, at the White House! Other people talk, but Kal Penn takes action. Kal Penn is the best.

But the funny part is Fox has created a Dr. Kutner memorial website, complete with a “memorial video” (he really seems depressed!) an obituary, and a place to leave your own “memories” of Dr. Kutner. But the best part of that is the slideshow of notes to Dr. Kutner from his coworkers. I’m pretty sure it’s their real handwriting, because Dr. Wilson has the exact same handwriting as Neil Perry in Dead Poet’s Society, and both characters are played by Robert Sean Leonard. I can’t find proof of this, but having seen Dead Poet’s Society over 100 times, I’m 99% sure. (OUT-NERD THAT TODAY, INTERNET.) Anyway, go there, it’s funny.

(Also, death to spoilers!)