We’ve Got To Nickname The Island!

A couple of weeks ago, the creators of Lost invited fans (read: nerds) to submit their own code names for the finale’s crushing moment. Let’s take a step back. Every season, the pivotal cliffhanger in the season finale is given a secret code name around the Lost offices. In previous years it has been, like, “Bagel” (when Walt is abducted by the Others!), or “Jewish” (when Jack discovers that his father was never bar mitzvahed!). This year, Lindelof and Cuse opened it up to fans (read: nerds), and one lucky little boy (or girl, but probably boy, come on) would have the exciting honor of having their nickname entered into the deep-library mythology of the show.

Anyway, a nickname has been selected for this season’s undoubtedly incredible finale twist (because this season don’t play no games). They’ve also released the final 15, all of which are after the jump, and none of it is really spoilery, but, you know. SPOILER ALERT, out of respect.


  • “Baby Diaper Covered in Barbeque Sauce”
  • “The Droids You’re Looking For”
  • “The Fifth Toe”
  • “The Fork in the Outlet”
  • “The Hooded Leprechaun”
  • “Jack Gets Pregnant”
  • “Smokey’s Dorm Room”
  • “The Spanish Inquisition”
  • “The Twinkie”
  • “The Zeigarnik”
  • “The Zombie Bake Sale”


  1. “The Fork in the Outlet”

I’m still kind of “whatever, Becky,” on this whole nicknaming a plot element in a manner that most of the show’s fans will never know about as a secret treat for the borderline-obsessed, but hey, we should all be taking pleasure wherever we can find it. Almost. And I’m a big enough human being to admit that “Jack Gets Pregnant” made me laugh. How could that not have won? I’m simultaneously heartened and disheartened! (Via TV Guide.)