SNL Just The Funny Parts: Skinny Seth Rogen FTW

Some people with Twitters seemed to think that this weekend’s SNL with host Seth Rogen was “meh.” Those people don’t know what they’re talking about. Clearly, they don’t watch the show every week, or they’d know that by current SNL standards, Saturday’s episode was pretty pretty pretty good, and at least the third best of the season (aided in no small way by the debut of a new Lonely Island video.) If you watch every week, you know that often there isn’t a single truly funny part! The five best sketches after the jump.

UPDATE: no more technical difficulties! Here’s the Comic Strip sketch, a spinoff of/callback to the Broadway sketch earlier this season (#1 here):

4. The Presidential Address — funniest Obama sketch since the inauguration. Fake vomit!:

3. Fast And Bi-Curious. A little obvious and edging into homophobic territory, but cute:

2. Girlfriend Voice. So true:

1. Lonely Island Digital Short: Like A Boss! Look for a cameo by dreamy John Mulaney:

Oh, and WHAT THE HELL was the “Easter Album” sketch besides totally stupid and weird-for-the-sake-of-not-funny-weird? There aren’t enough pot brownies in the WORLD to make that sketch okay to exist.

Also: musical guest Phoenix had the rare opportunity to play three times on this week’s show. Stereogum has all the video, including the closing credits song, if you’re into that. Next week: Zac Ephron. “Meh”-Twitterers get ready.