Mickey Rourke “Knocks Out” Chris Jericho In The Wrestler 2: Armed & Fabulous

This weekend at Wrestlemania 25, whatever that is, Chris Jericho called out Mickey Rourke, who then stepped into the ring and “knocked him out” with a “left hook.” I guess now that the (FAILed) Oscar campaign is over, Rourke’s been given free rein by his publicists to “you know what, do whatever you want, Mickster.”

Sorry in advance for the low quality of this video (via ONTD) UPDATE: better video, (via Vulture):

Acting! This is seriously some Charlie Kaufman shit is what this is. I mean, I know we’ve been talking about the possibility of this happening for awhile, but to actually see it! Imagine Kenny Powers throwing out the first pitch at an actual baseball game. I’m not sure how many people in the Wrestlemania audience actually saw The Wrestler, because if they had, I feel like there would be a lot less mindless cheering/booing going on, and a lot more gentle weeping and careful consideration of the unknowable paths that life can take. Life imitates :(.